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Herbal Wash Xtra is in a liquid form that is consumed pure or added to juice or water and has been designed to detoxify the Liver, kidneys, Bladder, and all vital organs, purify the blood and boost the immune system. To describe the active ingredient, you can take your pick. However, the truth is that there is no particular active ingredient.

Herbal Wash Xtra is not a medicine. It is a natural solution based on natural oils and essences from 15 well known plants & flowers, such as Burdock Root, Clove, Oregano, Chrysanthemum , Cedar ,Ginger, Red Clover,Neem,Garlic,Lemongrass,Cinnamon,Peppermint, Grape seed and Coconut Oil . These ingredients are then blended in a proprietary Natural Nano Base that ensures you get the full benefits of these healing herbs right down to your blood cells quickly and efficiently.

Herbal Wash Xtra is non toxic, carcinogen free and anti-bacterial. It is produced for the purposes of boosting health and eliminating bacteria, toxins and parasites, as well as aiding the body's own natural defences and immune system.

Customers from all around the world are using Herbal Wash Xtra supplements and are reporting increased health benefits to their bodies.

Supplement Facts :

The list of Toxins,Viruses and Bacteria in our environment is staggering. So are the lists of diseases associated with them, everything from Cancers,HIV, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, birth defects, decreased intelligence and so on. Worse yet most doctors do not offer any safe ways to pull these toxins out of your system (called "chelation").

Herbal Wash Xtra will pull toxic metals out of your system,detoxify your blood leaving it free of viruses and bacteria. Herbal Wash Xtra encloses the toxins in its revolutionary nano-sized (that's 1 billionth of a meter)particles, Once enclosed, these toxins are rendered harmless and then your body can naturally dispose of them.

The disposal process is made even easier because Herbal Wash Xtra hydrates semi-permeable membranes (i.e. your cells) 6 times faster than regular liquid herbal suppliments or tap water. THAT MEANS THE TOXINS GET OUT FASTER AND THE NUTRIENTS GET INTO YOUR CELLS TO AID REPAIR. The quality of the water you drink has a profound effect on your health and well-being, and Herbal Wash Xtra® improves your ability to hydrate your cells,Purify your Blood and Rejuvenate your health.

Here are some of the reported benefits of drinking Herbal Wash Xtra:

· Increased absorption of nutrients to enhance your energy level and your body's ability to repair

· Increased elimination of toxins and wastes preventing an overwhelming build-up of disease-causing materials

· More ability to act as an extraordinary scavenger of free radicals to help preserve your youth

· Higher antioxidant properties to help stave off serious disease

· More definite reduction of swelling and pain, headaches, arthritis and much more

· Higher degree of alkalinity to improve your digestion

· Improved skin conditions and better weight loss

· Your body gets up to 84 natural minerals needed by the body’s natural Healing system

Those properties explain many of the benefits reported over the years. After all, most people now recognize, if you improve nutritional absorption and elimination of toxins, you'll see some health benefits.

Additionally, some experts say 80% to 90% of all adverse health conditions are caused by free radicals.

Herbal Wash Xtra has been found to be an exceptional scavenger of them (because of its nearly endless supply of electrons that it "gives up" to create better health balance). And anyone in pain knows that reducing swelling can be a big positive benefit.

NB: Make Sure you buy the genuine product! Insist on a Product with the Herbal Wash 3D Hologram Security Sticker!


How Effective is Herbal Wash Xtra?

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Herbal Wash is helpful in managing these conditions:



Bladder Infections


Kidney Complaints




Nasal drip

Chronic back pain

Prostate problems

Chronic infections

Various Cancers

Migraine headaches

ME Herpes



Neuralgic pain


Skin Conditions

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